Our Staff:

JAIS Camp Director: Leah Altose has been the director of the JAIS Summer Camp since 2010.









Leah brings many skills from her diverse background to the camp. In addition to directing the camp, Leah is a teacher’s assistant at the Jerusalem American International School and a freelance photographer.  Leah loves combining her skills and organization to create unforgettable experience for campers. She strives to provide the community with the best programming and staff around. Leah adds educational themes to the summer camp to expose your children to new and interesting topics and the most fun way possible.  

JAIS Summer Camp is made up of enthusiastic staff members. All staff members go through a thorough staff training to learn how to provide your child with the best summer experience while keeping them safe.

Staff members speak a high level English. All staff members understand the difficulties that come with learning a new language and have the utmost patience when communicating with non-English speaking children.

All staff goes through Magen education awareness and safety training.


staff members like to read to the children