Morning Snack:

Morning snacks is provided by the camp. Snack consists of fruits or vegetables and a sandwich, usually peanut butter or hummus.  Occasionally, campers will bake special treats for snack, and we will have special snacks which tie into the theme of the day.


Hot Lunch:

The camp offers an hot lunch program for those interested. The meals are provided by an external company, A&O food services LTD.  The company is under the Kosher supervision of the Rabbinate of Jerusalem.

The hot lunch program offers meat, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Hot lunch is from Sunday thru Thursday. No hot lunch is available on Friday (the company does not offer service on that day).

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign up for an entire week at a time and choosing EITHER the meat or vegetarian option for the duration of that week.

It is also possible to order gluten-free meals at an extra cost. Please email the director for details regarding the gluten free meals.

Each meal will be delivered to the students in an individual container with disposable silverware. Meals also include fruit and bread.

The price for hot lunch is 100 shekels per week.